Sunday, 19 February 2006

The Shape of Things To Come

I cannot believe this. Miss Fung (aka Jessica) didn't go clubbing with me last night (Saturday). She said she has to wake up at 7am for church on Sunday and thus, we can only go clubbing on Fridays. The thing is, there aren't no nice party places on Fridays.

I told her matter-of-factly, "We'll party till 6am and then you can go straight to church lor." Apparently, Miss Fung and I don't see eye-to-eye on this issue. My solution to this problem is the best possible, no?
What does this signifies? Does this mean Jessica and I aren't going to bring the house down no more? THIS IS NOT GOOD. NOT GOOD AT ALL!

Miss Fung, do something about this!

Anyway, we (Qiaojing, Junling and Junling's friend) celebrated Junling's birthday last night (Saturday). The birthday girl is a alcoholic. After we downed our waterfalls (Junling had two), she wanted more drinks. I was just kidding when I said I wanted five tequilas. She bought ten, on top of the four we already had. This girl has serious issues. But that's THE way to celebrate a birthday, no?

This must be the first time Qiaojing drank so much. She keep asking, "Who made me drink so much?" You don't want to be there to witness what I witnessed.

Anyway, we had a blast. The music was good. The crowd was good. We had seven thousand, three hundred and sixty-nine tonnes of fun!

We would have seven thousand, three hundred and seventy tonnes of fun if Jessica was around. (FYI, a tonne is a thousand kilograms, so this is a lot of fun I'm talking about.)

The shape of things to come is not a good shape. If Jessica is not around.

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