Saturday, 21 January 2006

The Party So Far

Let's see. It's January, so it translates to a whole month of partying and birthday celebration.

4th Jan 2006
The first celebration was of course, with my sister. Went Mambo with Chewy and Qiaohui (Chewy's good friend). It was the first week of school, so I figured, it's no big deal. I was on time for my 9.30am class on Thursday! Can you believe that!

6th Jan 2006
Next was a drinking session with classmates at Dbl O. it was supposed to be at The Balcony, but the place, being stupid as it is, doesn’t have enough seats for our party of seven. With my classmates, you cannot expect anything more than a game of “Truth or Dare”. The secrets! The secrets!

13th Jan 2006
Momo with Junyao. The place was flooded with erm.. they-who-shall-not-be-named now. Junyao is a freaking alcoholic mambo king. He showed me this move for “That Thing You Do”.
Ask me to show this mooove to you (YES, YOU!) the next time we go clubbing.

18th Jan 2006
Mambo again with Qiaojing and Ying. I cant live without Mambo. Yes, I know it’s now only a shadow of its glorious past, but still, it’s Mambo! We couldn’t finish our freezing slurpees (aka margaritas). Mambo plans nearly fell through because Qiaojing was down with flu. However, she, being my best friend, couldn’t bear to disappoint me. I know I can always count on Qiaojing and Ying.

20th Jan 2006
It’s another day of fun at Dbl O. You must be thinking this Wynnii is crazy. And how wrong can you be. I went partying with different groups of people, you know. I’m NOT a hardcore clubber, like some of you (you know who you are) claimed!

This party was with my cousin, Jerry. He has this ultra super big group of friends there and he told me he just asked two along only!

This night takes the cake. Worst pickup line so far: “Hi, I’m from Australia.”

What do you expect me to say? “Hi, I’m from Woodlands?”

21st Jan 2006
Went Dbl O (yes, again) with long time clubbing buddy, Jessica! With Jessica, it was, without fail, havoc! She got us two Waterfalls, and while I finished mine in one gulp, she took ages to sip hers. Aargh! Now, she’s got some incriminating pictures of mine. I’m dead.

Miss Fung, I love you and you love me, we love each other. You know that, don’t you?

22nd Jan
The partying continues…

Wed – Mambo
Fri – Club at undecided venue
Sat – Steamboat

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