Sunday, 29 January 2006

The Party So Far (The Sequel)

25th Jan 2006
It’s supposed to be Mambo night with my classmates but they pulled out of Mambo plans. Reason? Homework. What a lousy excuse! I have homework too, no?

I think it’s really stupid Junyao’s curse. He said that if I were to party so much before the actual day, no one will celebrate with me on BIG day. Aargh! So he agreed to go mambo-ing with me instead.

Who knows! At the eleventh hour, he told me he had to play soccer at 10pm and cant make it to Mambo anymore. Who the hell plays soccer at 10pm! What a lousy excuse too! I have soccer too, no? Okie, this no.

In the end, I made up my mind to go home and sulk. But I know no partying’s not to be. I got a phone call at the eleventh hour (now, literally) and Mambo is ON again!

Jonathan fetched me and off we go mambo-ing.


Mambo is good. It may not be great anymore, but it’s still good.

27th Jan 2006
It’s the eve of eve of Chinese New Year, which means it’s the eve of my birthday! Dinner at Crystal Jade La Mien, Takashimaya with Karen, Weihao and Jaslin. They are going clubbing with me tonight!

Our dear Jaslin passed me my Christmas present on the eve of my birthday. Ha~ I’ll bet she will pass me my birthday present on 25th December then. She gave me a pair of penguins soft toys. CUTE and cuddly penguins.

I hereby declare penguins as the cutest animals on Earth!

Penguins ARE the cutest! The way they walk, the way the slide across the ice with their bellies, the way they take care of their babies, the way…. But I digress.

After dinner, we decided we are going to get pissed drunk at Double O. When we reached at 11pm, I had exactly one hour to find myself a boyfriend (which is my birthday present for myself. Ha!).

When the clock struck twelve, I failed. Hmff! I want a freaking Cinderella story. What the hell. Did I just say (read: type) that?

Our dear Karen had a Bacardi Breezer. One hour later, she puked it all out. This is a freaking peach fruit punch we’re talking about here. This girl is weak. Karen, you should sign up for my drinking boot camp.
Jessica joined us at 1am and the party begins! This party ended at 3am.

3am is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early for the birthday girl (and of course, Jessica too). Jessica and I decided to head over to Devil’s Bar to join Jerry (my cousin who keeps insisting he’s my older cousin when his birthday’s later than mine).

The next round of partying begins at Devil’s Bar!

Interestingly, Von called me at 3.50am to wish me happy birthday and he’s the first to call on the ACTUAL day.

Jessica and I boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie and rest and boogie the night away.

We finally called it a day at 6am. Gosh, this has to be a record! Jessica and I are good together. Powerhouse, I’ll tell you. Someone said we can endorse RedBull already. I can’t agree more.

Like I said, life’s a party, no?

28th Jan 2006
The air is especially sweet smelling today when I woke up. I love my birthdays~!

The only awful part is that I’m having a sore throat. Again.

Now, you would have thought a girl would hate celebrating birthday, for it’ll remind her that she has aged a year. Well, you thought wrong.

By today, the people living on about 30% of Earth’s surface should be informed that it’s my birthday. This simply translates to, let’s see, the whole world?

Anyway, I’m Queen for the day. It’s my day to sit back, relax and do nothing. Hmm.. wait a minute. That’s exactly what I do every day. Keke~

Still, this Queen had to change her own bed sheets. I finally can put the silk quilt (from China) to the test already! I expect my health to improve and I’ll get sore throats no more.

Something I have to mention. I wanted to go get some medicine from the doctor today and so, I went to marketplace. But this is not important. My mum asked me to help her buy some Tau Kwa (which is some sort of bean curd). I have no idea how they look like, so I asked the auntie at Shop N Save where the Tau Kwa are. She said, “There’re over there. This is the first time you do marketing eh.”

The auntie mocked me! Hmff! That’s it! I’m resolved. I really am resolved. I’ll never ever do marketing ever again. So you guys out there, listen up. DO NOT expect me to be able to know what’s the difference between a tau kaw, tau pok, tau foo, tau whatever.

Another thing I have to mention. I received a bouquet of lovely roses today. A very pleasant surprise. Certainly out of expectations for I was expecting a cute and cuddly baby penguin at my doorstep, but the roses do just fine. Thank you, Junyao.
That’s really sweet of you.
So, after a day of relaxing, the gang (read: Kevin Low, Jolene Lee, Wong Jinqi, Chung Dingyue, Charmaine Wong, Richard Ong and, last but not least, Jessica Fung) arrived at 9.30pm at my house for birthday mini party.

My best bet is that my classmates have no televisions at home. They come to my place and they’re all clamouring to watch SCV programmes. Cannot believe it. Jolene, your three-storey house is for storing gold and rabbits eh.

Anyway, the mini party was a blast. Mummy and Chewy prepared the steamboat. Thank you, mummy and Chewy! Love you! *muacks muacks *

We ate, we laughed.
We ate somemore, we laughed somemore.

I had two birthday cakes! Chewy bought one and my classmates bought one too! That means I get two birthday wishes, no?

UNO has never been this fun. It’s officially card game of the year. How many fives can a pack of UNO have? Gosh, we can really bluff eh. Our dear Kevin exposed his last two cards to everyone and still dared bluff. Not so smart move, darling.

Guys, I really appreciate you people coming over. The mini party’s a blast! You guys are the best!

The month long celebration is the best birthday celebration yet. YEAH~

Now, let the post birthday celebration begin! *applause*

Saturday, 28 January 2006


The big day is finally here! It's my birthday today! 28th Jan is the best day of the year!!!


I love celebrating my birthday! The whole world knows it's my birthday. I'm Queen for the day!

The month long celebration is finally coming to an end, NOT~!

The post birthday celebration is just about to start. Ha~

Now, I can look forward to more parties and dinners to celebrate the end of the month long celebration.

Life's a party, no?

Monday, 23 January 2006

Now, You’d Think It Must Be A Matter Of Life And Death

Merlin aka Ah Boy aka my sister’s cat has this very peculiar habit. Whenever I’m sitting in front of my computer, he likes to walk over and beckons for me to follow him. If I don’t, he’ll claw me.

Now, you’d think it must be a matter of life and death.

He leads, I follow.

He walks into the kitchen, I follow into the kitchen.

He then stop at his food bowl and begins to eat.

What has this got to do with me, you ask?

I have to sit beside him and watch him eat. When he’s contented, he’ll just walk off, without so much as a smile or thank you for my company! If I leave before he’s done, he’ll come over and threatens to claw me again.

Like I always said, it’s a love-hate relationship between Ah Boy and me.

Saturday, 21 January 2006

The Party So Far

Let's see. It's January, so it translates to a whole month of partying and birthday celebration.

4th Jan 2006
The first celebration was of course, with my sister. Went Mambo with Chewy and Qiaohui (Chewy's good friend). It was the first week of school, so I figured, it's no big deal. I was on time for my 9.30am class on Thursday! Can you believe that!

6th Jan 2006
Next was a drinking session with classmates at Dbl O. it was supposed to be at The Balcony, but the place, being stupid as it is, doesn’t have enough seats for our party of seven. With my classmates, you cannot expect anything more than a game of “Truth or Dare”. The secrets! The secrets!

13th Jan 2006
Momo with Junyao. The place was flooded with erm.. they-who-shall-not-be-named now. Junyao is a freaking alcoholic mambo king. He showed me this move for “That Thing You Do”.
Ask me to show this mooove to you (YES, YOU!) the next time we go clubbing.

18th Jan 2006
Mambo again with Qiaojing and Ying. I cant live without Mambo. Yes, I know it’s now only a shadow of its glorious past, but still, it’s Mambo! We couldn’t finish our freezing slurpees (aka margaritas). Mambo plans nearly fell through because Qiaojing was down with flu. However, she, being my best friend, couldn’t bear to disappoint me. I know I can always count on Qiaojing and Ying.

20th Jan 2006
It’s another day of fun at Dbl O. You must be thinking this Wynnii is crazy. And how wrong can you be. I went partying with different groups of people, you know. I’m NOT a hardcore clubber, like some of you (you know who you are) claimed!

This party was with my cousin, Jerry. He has this ultra super big group of friends there and he told me he just asked two along only!

This night takes the cake. Worst pickup line so far: “Hi, I’m from Australia.”

What do you expect me to say? “Hi, I’m from Woodlands?”

21st Jan 2006
Went Dbl O (yes, again) with long time clubbing buddy, Jessica! With Jessica, it was, without fail, havoc! She got us two Waterfalls, and while I finished mine in one gulp, she took ages to sip hers. Aargh! Now, she’s got some incriminating pictures of mine. I’m dead.

Miss Fung, I love you and you love me, we love each other. You know that, don’t you?

22nd Jan
The partying continues…

Wed – Mambo
Fri – Club at undecided venue
Sat – Steamboat

Sunday, 15 January 2006

My Any Occasion Wish List

In view of my fast approaching birthday, I’ve created a wish list. This serves to help the number of clueless people who have been asking me what I want for my big day.

This list shall be my official list for any significant occasion, such as birthday, Christmas, Chinese New Year (which my lunar birthday falls on), Hari Raya, Deepavali, Vesak Day, et cetera. *wink*

My Any Occasion Wish List

Break the Bank List
Burberry trenchcoat (size 0)
A trip to the Big Apple, New York
A penguin baby
A laptop
A digicam
Diving equipment
Mobile phone (Nokia 7710, Sony-Ericsson S700i)
A ferret

Break the Nothing List (cheapstake, you)
Yoga shoes from Nike
Adidas Jisho Mary Jane shoes
Boots (size 7)
Tier server (for tea time)
Contact Lenses (Focus Dailies 5.0 – powers of left and right eyes are the same)
Shawl (colourful skinny shawls)
Poncho (knitted or cloth ones; NOT plastic ponchos which you use for the army!)
Learn-it-yourself French audio tapes
Bowl and Plates from Muji Muji
Battery-operated kerosene lamp
Concert tickets
Pottery lessons
Penguin figure display from Gas Jeans boutique at Paragon (2nd floor)
No. 2 Yellow pencils
Dior bangle (Spring/Summer 2005 collection)
Dior Play Dice Lip Gloss (Christmas 2005 limited edition collection)
Borders book vouchers

NOTE: When all else fails, just get me Borders book vouchers. I will greatly appreciate its contribution towards my annual $230 Borders book-grabbing shopping trip.

Here’s a look at the list of What NOT To Get Me
Cosmetics (unless I asked for them)
Accessories, e.g. earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets et cetera (UNLESS of course they are made of platinum white gold and are studded with diamonds, keke)
Hair accessories
Stuffed toys (enough is enough of Winnie the Pooh teddies already)
Chocolates from Godiva, Royce et cetera
Apple anything, e.g Ipod, Nano, Ipod mini et cetera (I’m a Creative supporter; Apple are for wannabes)

There you have it. :)