Tuesday, 22 November 2005

New Braces & Mambo!

What a lovely week so far!

I'm on school holidays and I'm holidaying soon.

I've completed Theme Hospital and I found two new games to occupy my nights.

I'm told that I'll be getting new metal retainers which means it's like wearing braces all over again!! YEAH~! I really miss my old metals.. I still have them. If you are interested, give me a ring and I'll show them to you.

It's mambo night tonight. Can't wait! Like i said, not even the tsunami can stop me from mambo-ing tonight. The only reason I won't be mambo-ing will be that all the penguins in the world died and I'm too upset to dance. But then again, I can drink to drown my sorrows, no?

I'm waiting for the next book sale. I need new books!

My brother is launching his own clothing label, Lovieteclothing. Finally, my little brother is growing up and getting sensible. He still gets on my nerves at times, like today, but all's well end's well.